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Organization Mission:

To positively affect the lives of African Diasporic children by fostering a community of knowledgeable, sensitive, committed and involved fathers.


Ujima Fathering Centres began as Young and Potential Fathers Project, funded by the Youth Challenge Fund, a fund administered by the United Way (UWTYR). YPF evolved from concept to service over the past several years. In June of 2016, after registering as a not-for-profit the previous winter, the organization embarked on its current journey aimed at being an independent, self-reliant, sustainable, organization committed positively impacting the lives of African Canadian children by building a community of strong fathers.​

Through an offering of weekly culturally sensitive parenting programs, one on one supports and mentorships, YPF seeks to create a lasting generational impact by supporting young men and fathers holistically. A contract is in place to provide therapeutic access services to fathers whose families are clients of Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. YPF was also awarded a Youth Opportunities Fund grant from Trillium to lead Stepping Up Developing Engaging Fathers, designed to promote collaboration among youth serving agencies and educate young African men about engagement in the lives of their children. The Board of Directors is committed to its plan and strategic outcomes. We will evolve the Young and Potential Fathers Initiative into a sustainable, child centered, culturally sensitive fathering service for racialized young men and build a network of corporate, community and sector support. Staff works daily to refine and create efficiencies in operational procedures while serving the needs of fathers through our unique programs.

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